Pokémon Go Away!

So, I’ve recently stumbled across a post by Robyn Vinter named ‘Pokémon Go is not a chat-up invitation‘ and read a lot of bashful commentary from others that I personally thought was quite inappropriate or well… Farfetch’d. Hehe.

Newpaper post Robyn Vinter Pokémon Go

I must say I do not agree with what Robyn wrote, however I do feel like I understand her situation. The hardest part for me was reading the reactions to what she said. Sentences like ‘What an ego tripping b*tch, she thinks every guy wants to get in her pants!‘, ‘Doesn’t want to meet people because nerds aren’t good enough for her!‘ or ‘Can’t even handle a friendly conversation about a mutual interest.‘ were wildly spread reactions.

I find that her use of words or descriptions isn’t in tact and started all this hassle. She refers to the men that started a conversation with her as ‘nerds’. When I imagine what exactly defines a nerd I immediately start thinking of these ugly men with no social skills who watch porn all day and live in their mom’s basement, snacking on Hot Pockets and drinking Mountain Dew.

computer nerds

What she meant to refer to is Pokémon Go players, not nerds. These aren’t the same type of socially awkward men snorting and pushing their glasses up when they see a girl. If this was the case, I would totally agree with the comment section and would applaud these nerds for actually gathering their courage together to talk to a ‘real’ girl. But this simply isn’t the case.

Pokémon Go players consist of a wide range of people; they might be drug addicts, goths, bikers, hippies, plumbers, … There’s also no actual age limit on the game you can walk in to a 12 year old Pokémon Go player, just as well as a 65 year old one.

As plenty of former newspaper articles have shown, Pokémon Go isn’t always a safe and innocent game. People have gotten robbed at knifepoint, there were car accidents caused by drivers playing this game and well, you never know when that part of your city your walking into might be the wrong neighborhood for you to be at.

Now, with this knowledge in the back of your head, you must understand why I find she also has some valid points…

Robyn vinterRobyn Vinter is a young, good looking girl walking around alone down the streets in search for Pokémon. You have to realize she is vulnerable at this point. There’s no exact description of what neighborhood she was in or whether or not there were any other people around. She also doesn’t go into description of the person that talked to her other than saying he came over in her eyes as ‘strange‘.

I see a lot of comments making it seem like the men talking to her were simply ‘too ugly for her standards’, I personally would not have used the word ‘strange‘ to describe them if that was the case. Strange rather gives me the feeling he was a bit creepy and she didn’t feel comfortable around him. Why? Could be a numeral of reasons, he had blood spots on his shirt, he had that pedophile mustache thing going on, he kept scratching his balls, or maybe he, Forrest Gump style, stared at her shoes for too long.

She mentioned he followed her when she ‘in an unsubtle fashion attempted to sidle away‘. At this point, if I were that man, I would have taken the hint that I might be frightening this young woman a little and that she is not interested in going on a date with me. After all that WAS his intention, to ask her on a date, solemnly based on her looks and the fact she played the same game. Who is the narrow-minded one now?

The second story I found out to be even less kind-hearted and even a bit rude. ‘Offered to show me where I could catch a “high-level Poliwhirl”.’ This might seem cheeky, but a person with good intentions would’ve written down the location for her. If he was interested in helping Robin, he could have added his number in case she couldn’t find it, if she’d like him to tag along anyway or if she was interested in him to text him to go on an actual date. The way he handled that situation in the story, was more of a ‘This is your once in a lifetime chance to sit on my c*ck.”. Because, let’s face it, what if she went along with him, she might’ve indeed caught a Poliwhirl, but chances ARE there that, just like she said, she could’ve caught something totally different than a pokémon. This is an absolute stranger asking her to go with him, all she knows about him is that he claims to play the same game. Did he even mean that? Or are men now naming their private parts like pokémon?

I simply think the issue here is that a lot of respect and logic was missing from these encounters. Pokémon Go might be a good conversation starter, but you must realize that walking up to a person you don’t know in the middle of nowhere with nobody around possibly comes over as creepy. That offering a stranger to go to a private place with you doesn’t sound too safe at all. I’m sure your ‘free candy’-van hasn’t scored much women either.

Robin’s last sentence makes it seem out that they were social awkward indoor nerds before, who now go outside and do not know how to interact respectfully with women. Her reaction is a bit extreme telling them to ‘Pokémon Go away’.

I even find it a bit ironic that she doesn’t share Pokémon Go as a common interest with her own boyfriend. I understand she’d feel safer with her boyfriend around, though. Walking home alone from your local nightclub and having random strangers talk to you along the way is equally scary as walking about during daylight in an empty street, forest or by a lake to catch Pokémon and having a stranger talk to you there.

I do not think they are out there simply hunting for women obviously. Pokémon Go obviously isn’t the new app for rapists to find their target. I do think Pokémon Go makes it easier for gamers to meet other gamers. As well as to find a girlfriend who’s interested in gaming, which usually is seen as an important qualification. Make friends, enjoy the social aspect of the game, be respectful and analyse your surroundings before you plan to walk over to a woman, you don’t want to ‘startle the witch’.

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The Game of Ropes – Heroes of Warcraft: #Hearthstone – Game Review


As a player of several card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering, I am experienced enough to play something simple like Hearthstone. Right?

When I started playing this game I didn’t realize how in depth Hearthstone is. Compared to the other titles like Yu-Gi-Oh, every single turn counts and the possibilities seem endless.

All nine classes

Druid, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Priest  and Warlock. Each class has a completely different play style according  to their class ability and given class cards.

Some might say they feel like the characters in the game ‘World of Warcraft’, because you stack up a ton of armor with the warrior while you play combos and use different buffs for your weapon like a Rogue would in WoW.

To explain all features would go beyond the scope, so let us focus on the two different types of gameplay: Arena and Constructed.

Constructed is fairly easily explained, you use your given class cards and the cards that you unlock. The longer you play, the better your deck gets and you might be able to climb ladder in ranked.

Arena Draft
Arena Draft

Arena is the other side of the medal and here is the point where it gets interesting. You choose 1 of 3 cards given at this moment till up to 30 out of 90 cards. Once your deck is drafted you get queued into other random decks. Your goal is it to get to 12 wins without losing more then 3 times, otherwise you get knocked out and your run with this deck ends.

Knowing how to out value your opponent and playing around the cards that can lose you the game is where you can shine, the longer you play the better you get.

Arena is not easy so I recommend watching some guides or streamers before you lay your hands on arena for the first time cause it costs gold that you need to unlock adventures  or to buy new card packs.

Here 2 of my favourite arena “infinite” streamers

Twitch Streamer: Retrogold
Twitch Streamer: Phleetwood

Going infinite means having an average score higher then 7 wins. When you get decent enough and you start to get more then 5 wins you will realize that you get more value out of playing arena then just buying straight up card packs. Being able to make the right calls and right plays will take a long time and the learning curve is huge! That is the point where the “rope” comes in. It is a mechanic that forces you to make a play because each turn lasts a maximum of 75 seconds. After a while playing you will see it appear more often, cause you think about your turns and solutions how to stay  in the game and don’t fall behind.

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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) Movie Review #hitman

hitman image

It has always been a challenge to make a movie based on a video game. You have to capture the essence of the game, the parts that appeal to people and turn that into a story. Well, you could do that… or you can just make it an other action packed movie that comes in a dime a dozen and will leave fans raging. Hitman Agent 47 is one of those movies.

Hitman is a stealth assassin game where you try to take out your target without being  noticed. Even better, they won’t even know you were there at all. Instead we get one public shoot-out after an other, “subdermal titanium armor” and an entire list of things that’ll make you rage.

In this movie it seems like the only things they got right were the outfits and the rubber ducky. Even the trailer illustrates just that.

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#Fallout4 + #Carlsberg + #NukaCola + #PipBoyApp

fallout beerA collaboration between Bethesda Softworks the publisher of the Fallout Series, Amazon, and Carlsberg created ‘Fallout beer’. As we are all super excited with Fallout 4 that came out and big fans of the Danish Carlsberg beer brand, why not combine the two and add a little extra fun to the fun we’re already having? Unfortunately quite some fans were disappointed. Carlsberg did not change their blend at all for this beer, they simply changed the packaging. This beer is only be available in the U.K.

nuka cola quantumThat’s not the only company Bethesda Softwork has teamed up with, together with Jones Soda ‘Nuka Cola Quantum’ got created. Which is sadly also a simple package change for the existing Jones Soda Berry Lemonade. Available at Target.

Even though it saddens me that neither Carlsberg or Jones Soda changed anything about their drinks, I think it is generally a good idea to add some extra promotion to your video game by creating the drinks.

Too late for buying this soda? Rosanna Pansino created her own Fallout 4 Nuka Cola tutorial. This might come in handy to surprise your friends at a party.

After drinking it, don’t forget to save the bottle caps, you never know what might happen!

Pip-boy is now available in phone App edition. The Application is created by Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries. It is completely free of cost and allows you to check your inventory, radio, map, statistics and play your holotape games.  It has a high rating and has been bringing a lot of pleasure to the Fallout fans, but not exactly in the way you’d think.

A lot of evil brothers and sisters download it on their phone in order to troll their siblings, or simply, troll their friends or room mates. They will link it on their own mobile phone to the game of their target. Making them drop their weapons in combat, turning the radio off and on, … You get the idea.

The game didn’t receive the best reviews either. A lot of people are complaining that it turned into a basic open world shooter game, that Bethesda Softworks did an awful job on the RPG part. The game is supposable laggy and still contains quite some bugs and glitches. To left handed people this game isn’t suitable, you are not able to change the keyboard options to your number pad nor a separate keyboard pad and are pushed into using the arrow keys.

The good review include that the game is well balanced for combat, the character appearance is great and it contains an interesting and emotional main storyline. My personal favourite review came from Johnson aka E. Malcom from the US with 4 hours gameplay, who claimed “The game is like sex, except for the part that I actually have this game.”.

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Fallout 4 PSfopcfallout mousepadfallout4xboxg2a fallout

Real Life First Person Shooter

Realm Pictures made a live action version of a first person shooter using a GoPro, scenery, actors, props and the free interactive website that connects you to other users with webcam, microphone and chat called Chatroulette.com. This is a brilliant idea and fun to watch, I assure you the results are amazing!

YOU can now join in for level 3 for 1.50 $ watch this video! more info at rlfps.com.

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Horror Games – My choices for Halloween

Are you a streamer? Do you want to have the real Halloween season feel going on? Or are you just a gamer interested in shaking the bones out of your body? As you know I’m a big fan of Horror Games. Here’s my top 3 Halloween feel horror games!


Outlast – This game WILL creep you out! There’s only a few jump scares but believe me they’ll get you. The scenery  is realistic but very creepy, not a place you want to spend your life at. Getting your fingers chopped off, not cool. Depending on your camera and hoping to find batteries to see something in the dark, not too handy. Blood everywhere, yours or theirs? You just don’t want to know, believe me. BUY OUTLAST

 Lucius II

Lucius II
Lucius II – This game just came out so why not try it? Killing innocent human beings with great tricks and paranormal powers, doesn’t that sound like fun? It sure is! Even though the first Lucius game was kind of seen as a failure, I like to think this one is at least an improvement.  BUY LUCIUS II


Dreadout – You’re a schoolgirl! Yup! You are female in this game! And all you have to depend on is a mobile phone. This game is quite underrated, it has the creepy scenery going on, the ghosts and monsters look very scary and you’ll definitely find some jumps scares! BUY DREADOUT

Not Halloween material:


SOMA – It’s a great game but it mainly feels long and sober. It isn’t very scary at all. No jump scares, hardly any monsters, the environment even looks generally beautiful. It does tend to work on your emotions. You’ll have to make some awfully creepy decisions. Maybe a good pick for after Halloween, but certainly not worth your time to get in the Halloween mood. BUY SOMA

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