Marilyn Manson Ska IS the new sh*t!

What if… Marilyn Manson left his shock rock tunes aside and went for some happy ska tunes instead? This might sound as a bad idea, but it is a surprisingly good one! We think this might be the question youtuber Bob Kooparos had in mind and his result… amazing!

Even though, Marilyn Manson’s music can under no circumstances simply be classified as just one genre, ska certainly doesn’t hurt his tunes. Your move, Marilyn Manson, can we expect some more ska tunes coming from your own end soon too?

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Is it okay to be gay? #gay #country

Culture Beats asked some countries how they would react if they had a son or daughter that came out as being gay. While the people in this video reacted very differently, the comment section seemed to be okay with the thought of having a gay son or daughter.

The comment section doesn’t exactly look to open minded either about this subject.




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Why doesn’t Hilter have his own holiday? The truth about Thanksgiving…

On the 4th Thursday of November this holiday takes place on every American and Canadians calendar. It is typically celebrated as a cozy family feast with a turkey on the menu. What am I talking about? Thanksgiving, of course! But… should it really be celebrated? That IS the question, because it’s certainly not such a pleasurable holiday for Indian native Americans neither as Turkeys.

Cut made a video of what goes on in the minds of Native Americans when they hear the words ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Christopher Columbus’, ‘Redskin’, ‘Reservation’ and ‘Language’.

More videos by Cut can be checked out on their youtube channel.

As for the turkeys, Peta has obviously launched their ad (again) to show the world what a turkey really is and has to go through in order to get on your plate.

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Belgium is mocking the Brussels Terrorism Alert with Cat Pictures #brusselslockdown

The Belgian authorities requested to not disclose details about police activity on social media since this might expose or interfere with police operations. Belgian Twitter users have been responding with cat pictures ever since, using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.

It’s not even such a bad thing, the public stays entertained while taking pictures of their furballs while any information regarding the lock down stays hidden. The cats in the pictures refuse to follow any authority or simply let us know they’re safe. Let’s face it, what would the internet be worth without cat pictures?

Belgium actual has a street cat problem, so if you’re from Brussels but don’t have a meow yet to photograph, now might actually be the the best time to adopt your furry little forever friend from one of the many rescues.

Cat Rescues in Brussels / Belgium: Veeweyde  • Help AnimalsDe Blauwe WereldketenLe Fanal Des AnimauxFacebook: Dieren die een nieuwe thuis zoekenFacebook: Kittens/Katten zoeken een goede thuisFacebook: honden en pups en katten zoek een nieuwe thuis

Here’s our 5 favorite picks:

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#Fallout4 + #Carlsberg + #NukaCola + #PipBoyApp

fallout beerA collaboration between Bethesda Softworks the publisher of the Fallout Series, Amazon, and Carlsberg created ‘Fallout beer’. As we are all super excited with Fallout 4 that came out and big fans of the Danish Carlsberg beer brand, why not combine the two and add a little extra fun to the fun we’re already having? Unfortunately quite some fans were disappointed. Carlsberg did not change their blend at all for this beer, they simply changed the packaging. This beer is only be available in the U.K.

nuka cola quantumThat’s not the only company Bethesda Softwork has teamed up with, together with Jones Soda ‘Nuka Cola Quantum’ got created. Which is sadly also a simple package change for the existing Jones Soda Berry Lemonade. Available at Target.

Even though it saddens me that neither Carlsberg or Jones Soda changed anything about their drinks, I think it is generally a good idea to add some extra promotion to your video game by creating the drinks.

Too late for buying this soda? Rosanna Pansino created her own Fallout 4 Nuka Cola tutorial. This might come in handy to surprise your friends at a party.

After drinking it, don’t forget to save the bottle caps, you never know what might happen!

Pip-boy is now available in phone App edition. The Application is created by Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries. It is completely free of cost and allows you to check your inventory, radio, map, statistics and play your holotape games.  It has a high rating and has been bringing a lot of pleasure to the Fallout fans, but not exactly in the way you’d think.

A lot of evil brothers and sisters download it on their phone in order to troll their siblings, or simply, troll their friends or room mates. They will link it on their own mobile phone to the game of their target. Making them drop their weapons in combat, turning the radio off and on, … You get the idea.

The game didn’t receive the best reviews either. A lot of people are complaining that it turned into a basic open world shooter game, that Bethesda Softworks did an awful job on the RPG part. The game is supposable laggy and still contains quite some bugs and glitches. To left handed people this game isn’t suitable, you are not able to change the keyboard options to your number pad nor a separate keyboard pad and are pushed into using the arrow keys.

The good review include that the game is well balanced for combat, the character appearance is great and it contains an interesting and emotional main storyline. My personal favourite review came from Johnson aka E. Malcom from the US with 4 hours gameplay, who claimed “The game is like sex, except for the part that I actually have this game.”.

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Fallout 4 PSfopcfallout mousepadfallout4xboxg2a fallout

Cooking with Weed #weed #cooking

You remember Cut, the creators of the ‘Grandmas smoking weed’ video. That isn’t all they have in store for us, though. They have recently made a series of cooking recipes containing weed called ‘Baked’. Get your stash out because obviously I’m sharing them! Move aside ‘adding fun to cooking’ tutorials, we found the winner here! Let’s face it what’s wrong with adding some more spices to your meal?

The Grandmas smoking weed video

Recipe 1: Green Bean Casserole

Recipe 2: Stuffing

Recipe 3: Cranberry Sauce

Recipe 4: Turkey

Will you be cooking up one of these recipes? Does this seem like a delicious or bad idea to you? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Don’t forget to share this post with your stoner friends! Who knows maybe they got kinda sick of all the space cake and want to raise their game!

10 Worst Troll Songs #twitch #troll

Twitch gets rather often overrun by trolls that absolutely love to request ear raping music in your moobot or nightbot. Ever wondered what the songs are called that they are playing and which ones are by far the worst songs to listen to? Here’s my top 10!

1. Tony Orr – Up the Fucking Ass

2. G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. – Quack Like a Duck

4. Hotdog.jpg

4. John Cena Jump scare – Martin Garrix – Animals

5. Sanic The Heghog

6. Skrollax – Getting Paid

7. Taylor Swift – Blank Space jumps over to sex noises

8. Swiggity Swag, song filled with inappropriate words

9. Ducktales Tune gone wrong

10. Titanic On a Flute

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Can a Photograph Capture Your Soul? #canon #photography

Canon Australia did a quite interesting experiment. They grabbed 6 photographers and one actor. The actor portrait himself as 6 different persons; an alcoholic, a fisherman, a millionaire, a lifesaver, a psychic and a convict. The photographers got to know one of his roles and were asked to capture him as the role he played. The results are simply astonishing, I feel like every photographer captured a different person. You simply can not imagine the convict to, for example, be the fisherman.







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Twitch Creative Artist: Miss Stress! #Twitch #Creative #Art

missstressThis perky redhead has quite some skills in her sleeve. In 30 min she finishes you the most original and creative drawing you can think of. Not sure what you need? No, problem. Her creative juices are flowing all over the place, with just a few words you’ll get your piece of art made. The best is, rich or poor, you choose what to pay! A small donation is worth a lot to her, but believe me, once it’s finished, you’ll be thinking about donating your house to her! Who am I talking about, you ask. Twitch creative streamer: Miss Stress aka Shivikai on Deviant art.

leshiteMiss Stress is a 33 years old (March 31, 1982) Finnish Twitch streamer. She’s very interactive with her chat, whether you’re a troll or not you’ll get your answers to the questions you ask. She once finished a drawing of worlds prettiest looking piece of sh*t. Just in spite of a tiny troll raid asking her to. She uses Artweaver plus to draw on her computer combined with a drawing tablet.

Not convinced? Check out her Twitch channel & Deviant Art.

Watch live video from MissStress on

My top 5 favourite drawings by Miss Stress

little zombie sebastian
Little Zombie Sebastian


little vampire marlena
Little Vampire Marlena


little bunny with a taco on its back
Little Bunny with a Taco on its Back


Demonic Ghoul
Demonic Ghoul


cole and bunny
Cole and Bunny


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Real Life First Person Shooter

Realm Pictures made a live action version of a first person shooter using a GoPro, scenery, actors, props and the free interactive website that connects you to other users with webcam, microphone and chat called This is a brilliant idea and fun to watch, I assure you the results are amazing!

YOU can now join in for level 3 for 1.50 $ watch this video! more info at

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