#Trainwreck (2015) review

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Written by Amy Schumer, with herself as main character Trainwreck is of to a good start. You have probably heard of her, Amy Schumer has her own comedy show called ‘inside Amy Schumer on youtube’s free to watch Comedy Central channel. She’s one of the funniest female comedians at this time even though her humor isn’t for everyone, it tends to get a bit sexual.

Trainwreck takes a look at Amy’s life. With an alcoholic father that recently got put in a retirement home, a sister who got it all together, a career for a men magazine, an overly active sex life and a boyfriend that may or may not be gay the movie begins with some quite awkward but realistic scenes.

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

All in all, I think this is a great chickflick. Sometimes it’s a bit long, it could use some more humour but it’s mainly realistic which does it a lot of justice. Amy isn’t the best looking girl, but since she wrote the script she was obviously the best choice to play the role.

I do think the end is a bit over the top. The dancing with the cheerleaders, I like that they made it so she can’t really follow the dance for a 100% but in al reality I didn’t feel that she was that close with them to be able asking them for help. I also don’t feel like any actual person would put their heart on the line with a big plan like that to win their boy back. Most of us ladies will just be sobbing… In our bed… With ice cream. My rating? An 8 out of 10 it surely was a movie I enjoyed watching!

What if the Star Wars prequels were good? #starwars

With ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ coming out, the Star Wars hype has gone through the roof once again! The characters we all came to love, care for, that took us down an adventure filled with surprises, amazing visuals and offered us an amazing story return.

All of that… and the prequels. The prequels lost the touch of what Star Wars fans loved about the series and it’s easy to hate on them, but what could’ve been done to make it right? To make it grab your attention and keep it clustered to the screen with excitement and depth instead of amazing lines like “I don’t like sand”?

Michael from Belated Media knows what needed to be done. So far he’s done Episode I and Episode II and we just can’t wait to see his view on episode III.

Have a look and see for yourself.

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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) Movie Review #hitman

hitman image

It has always been a challenge to make a movie based on a video game. You have to capture the essence of the game, the parts that appeal to people and turn that into a story. Well, you could do that… or you can just make it an other action packed movie that comes in a dime a dozen and will leave fans raging. Hitman Agent 47 is one of those movies.

Hitman is a stealth assassin game where you try to take out your target without being  noticed. Even better, they won’t even know you were there at all. Instead we get one public shoot-out after an other, “subdermal titanium armor” and an entire list of things that’ll make you rage.

In this movie it seems like the only things they got right were the outfits and the rubber ducky. Even the trailer illustrates just that.

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Strokémon – to watch or not to watch? #strokemon #porn #funny


Our two favourite subjects are now combined, all thanks to Wood Rocket, Pokémon and porn! I’m still deciding whether or not that’s actually a good thing.

After seeing Pikachu, or should I say ‘Dickachu(played by Rizzo Ford) in this SFW movie trailer, my private parts kinda clenched in the ‘no no’-way, but let’s not give up yet because this movie obviously has more characters to offer. Fisty (Misty – played by Kassondra Raine), Gash (Ash – played by Tyler Nixon), Cock (Brock – played by Joe), Team Cockit’s Jizzy & Jams (Jessy – played by Vuko & James – played by Xander Grimm), their beloved Muffth (Meowth – Played by Leya Falcon) and Nurse Joitus (Nurse Joy – played by Sophia Locke) are hopefully more entertaining… And uh, less creepy.

To watch or not to watch? Either way you can watch this porno for free on Woodrocket.com!

Dickachu Fisty Gash

team rocket

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Inside Out (2015) Movie Review #insideout #disney

inside out

This movie is about a young girl called Riley and her emotions during a move to a new city, a new house, a new school and a new hockey team. Something goes badly wrong in her head and her emotions: Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust and Fear need to try and solve it.

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

Overrated, I tell you. At some point it is interesting and funny, but mostly its just boring. Joy is the most annoying personality in this movie, she’s rude, constantly bullies Sadness and having Sadness that just doesn’t listen makes it even worse. Making both of them the main plot and ingoring the other characters ruined it for me.

Halfway the movie you can already guess the ending. As a kids movie it’s okay, but once you’re older than 10, you really shouldn’t be watching this any more. The movie is depressing. There is no character you will be able to relate with. Even the end is depressing with Riley running away and than crying to her parents who didn’t even start looking for her, after they heard she did not go to school.

In case you want a sad 3D animated story that does give you a good feeling at the end I highly advice to rent or buy Disney’s Up 2009 (BUY ON BOL.COM / BUY ON AMAZON / IMDB) instead.

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Fantastic Four (2015) Movie review


This movie is about how the Fantastic Four came to exist. Reed, a total but very intelligent nerd (played by Miles Teller) made a teleportation device together with his childhood friend Ben. He gets recognised for his project by ‘a government employee?’ and instructed to finish it so it would be available for transportation of humans to another dimension.

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

Sounds like a good plot? Think again! There is no view on the bad guy he just randomly appears to turn bad for no apparent reason and goes on a killing spree which everyone seems to ignore, let’s just pass through the hallway like nothing happened. If you recognise the names ‘Reed’, ‘Sue’, ‘Johnny’, ‘Ben’, ‘Victor’ and ‘Dr. Storm’ at the end of the movie you get my slow clap, cause I had absolutely no clue how any of the characters are called.

The special effects do look nice. The ‘boss fight’ took 5 min and wasn’t remotely spectacular. This movie doesn’t work on your emotion at all it’s just boring and doesn’t get you excited. The only thing that will slightly sadden you is the fact that ‘the thing’ aka Ben will not be having a sexual relationship in his entire life. The young versios of Ben and Reed did get played by decent actors that actually look like their grown up versions. How are Sue and Johnny brother and sister? Nobody knows!

The relationship between Victor aka Doom and Sue does not get talked about. Why does he trust her? Why does nobody trust Victor? Victor doesn’t seem to care about that either, because he tried to kill her some time later anyway. The fact that Doom seems stronger in the other world did get mentioned, however they found him back in a bad state.

Reed runs away after being turned, instead of helping his friend Ben turn back into normal state from the only place he can actually get resources for it. When they come to get him back, he doesn’t even want to go back and he seemed to be working on something that apparently wasn’t important at any point in the movie. When his friend Ben however turns up to get him back he’ll gladly return and leave what he was working on behind as if it had no importance. They make it seem as if he was scared, but for an entire year they do not try to contact him.

I have the feeling they wanted to create this movie Kill Bill style but simply ended up mashing too much scenes and different plots together. This movie can in no way be fixed by adding more movies. Simon Kinberg might have something to do with this, but let’s be realistic the X-men movies they had decent sequels and were only focussed on one plot at a time. This movie is just confusing. You are better off watching The 2005 movie ‘The fantastic Four’ (IMDBBUY ON AMAZONBUY ON BOL.COM), that one at least has Jessica Alba in it. I’m only giving this movie a 3 out of 10 stars, I do not advice anyone to watch it.

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Record Amount Twitch viewers – BobRoss

twitch logoTwitch has done it again! There’s currently over 9000 viewers, a rough 50 000 – 60 000 people watching a marathon of ‘The Joy of Painting’ with Bob Ross on Twitch.

Twitch gave the official launch of their creative section a big success! The series got launched on the 29th of October, which is also the birthday of Bob Ross. You can enjoy 9 days of oil painting on his channel. Twitch ads; “If you create along with Bob Ross, tweet out your creation to @twitchcreates!”.

Watch live video from BobRoss on www.twitch.t

kapparossAlong with the newly opened channel and the streaming of ‘The Joy of Painting’ there is a new Twitch emoticon made available. Kappa with an afro!

adobe logoTwitch works together with Adobe for their creative section. Adobe might ring a bell when I mention Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and many other programs. They are currently the leading brand of computer software for artists. You can buy their software or download the free trial on their official website. It’s a must have for Photographers, illustrators and graphic designers!

Bob RossBob Ross was born on October 29, 1942 in Dayton Beach, Florida but he was raised in Orlando. He was a painter and television host on PBS in the United Sates. His series The Joy of Painting also aired in Canada, Mexico and quite some countries in Europe. Mountains and snow recur a lot in his paintings since he worked in Alaska as the first sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base and as a part-time bartender.

After leaving his job at the Air Force and starting the series  ‘The Joy of Painting’ he also sold several art related materials  such as art supplies, videos and how-to books which got him his earning, since his paintings were donated to the PBS stations.

His wet-on-wet oil painting technique wasn’t quite popular before the series. He is most known for his landscape paintings, creating trees, mountains, trees, water and clouds in a matter of seconds.

Ross had been diagnosed with lymphoma which pushed him to retire his job as a public broadcasting host on May 17, 1994. On the 4th of July, 1995 he died at the age of 52.

Will you be streaming or having a look around in the Twitch – Creative section soon? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Don’t forget so share this with your friends and family for that great feeling of nostalgia.

 cover picture by Twitch.tv/sohlol

15 Movies to Watch on Halloween

Here are my picks of movies to watch on Halloween! Some are even child friendly! I’m sure you’ll find a great movie you haven’t seen yet in my list. I based this list on fantasy and paranormal activity. Hope you like it!

1. The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)


The Nightmare before Christmas  – IMDBBUY NOW – BUY ON BOL.COM
Written by the famous Tim Burton, known for his macabre style, it would surprise me if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this movie yet. This 3D animation will certainly make the Halloween spirit hidden in your heart step forward. It’s a story filled with creepy looking creatures.

2. Hocus Pocus (1993)


You simply can’t go wrong with this movie! Witches, zombies, cats, costumes, curses, … It’s all made back in the day when Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t a horse yet, but an actual babe! If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you need to watch it now!

3. Double, Double Toil and Trouble (1993)

double double toil and trouble


Double, Double Toil and Trouble IMDBBUY NOW – BUY ON BOL.COM
Remember when the Olsen twins were simple little girls acting? This movie will take you back in time! It’s a true Halloween movie about the bond they share as twins with quite a bit of magic included.

4. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)


The cabin in the woodsIMDBBUY NOW – BUY ON BOL.COM
What could go wrong in a cabin in the woods? I think we all know this isn’t going to end right. Get the hell scared out of you with this movie by Joss Whedon also known for ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

5. Beetlejuice (1988)


Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! Old but gold as they say! Beetlejuice 2 has recently been confirmed, so why not (re)watch this beautiful but creepy creation of a ghostly movie?!

6. The Craft (1996)


Witches! We all used to love the series ‘Charmed’, but what if their powers would be used wrongly or weren’t wielded correctly? Tons could go wrong, just like in this movie. Neve Campbell as a witch, who knew…

7. The Skeleton Key (2005)


I think secretly everyone is a Kate Hudson fan after watching ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, but if you’re not already you will be now. She enters this spooky house and receives a skeleton key to open every door, but some doors, they should simply remain shut.

8. Sleepy Hollow (1999)


The story of the headless horseman starring Johnny Depp. There is no way this movie would be made any better. It’s completely different than the series that is now running. This is one of those movies that will stay in your mind forever.

9. Evil Dead (2013)


This is some scary horror movie! You do not want to watch this when you’re alone! Make sure to invite over all your friends for a private creepy Halloween movie night and don’t plan on sleeping any time soon.

10. Hotel Transylvania (2012)


Hotel Transylvania – IMDBBUY NOW – BUY ON BOL.COM
Unexpectedly a stranger aka human walks into Dracula’s secret hotel for paranormal monsters. The stranger falls in love with his vampire daughter, Mavis. This is a great and funny love story and with Hotel Transylvania 2 that recently came out (BUY HERE – BUY ON BOL.COM) it’s a good pick to watch on Halloween!

11. Phone / Pon (2002)


This movie is by far underrated. I stumbled across it in a DVD renting shop and I will always remember some of the moments in this movie. It’s weird at times but mostly scary. Realistic? Not so much, but hey, we’re all walking around starring at our phone screens these days, we can praise ourselves it’s not realistic.

12. Sweeney Todd (2007)


This is a strange strange story to tell. Even though the music gives it a bit of a happy twist this is a very gothic styled movie. The creation on its own is a masterpiece, a true piece of art. If you pick this one I hope you’ll like the story, it becomes quite the emotional horror.

13. The Lost Boys (1987)


One of the best vampire movies you’ll ever see! Move aside Twilight and learn from the masters! What if you’d end up in a city with a whole badass gang of vampires? How to tell your mother she might be dating a vampire? This is quite a funny but an exciting adventure.

14. Ghost Ship (2002)


Everyone on this boat died due to a horrible accident seen at the start of this movie. Their ghosts are ready to haunt the living now and who are you to tell them they shouldn’t? This movie isn’t too gruesome but has quite an interesting story. Let’s face it who doesn’t like angry ghosts?

15. The Haunted Mansion (2003)


A funny Fantasy movie that will bring a smile to the faces of the entire family! Ghosts, spiders, magic, … It’s very entertaining!

Which Movie are you planning to watch on Halloween? Which movie would you add to my list and why? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and see what movie they’d like to watch with you!

Disney’s Halloween

Ever wondered what your favourite little Disney characters would look like if they weren’t at all the ‘good’ people they get portrayed as in the movies? You’re in luck! Artist Jeffrey Thomas aka Jeftoon01 on Deviant Art made it happen! Have a look at these Twisted pieces!

Alice – Alice in Wonderland
Wendy Darling – Peter Pan
Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell – Peter Pan
Tiana – The Princess and the Frog
Snow White
Snow White – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Rapunzel – Tangled
Pocahontas & Meeko – Pocahontas
Pinocchio & The Blue Fairy – Pinocchio
Nala, Timon & Pumba – The Lion King
Mulan – Mulan
Merida – Brave
Megara “Meg” – Hercules
Maid Marian – Robin Hood
Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh – Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Jasmine – Aladdin
Jane – Tarzan
Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Cinderella – Cinderella
Belle – Beauty and the Beast
Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Which one did you like best? Which character would you like to see made Twisted next? I’m gonna go ahead and say Ariel won this round! I’d love to see a Twisted Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

Disney Animals as Humans

picture AlainaEver wondered what the animals in the Disney movies would look like as human beings? So did Alaina, an illustration major from the United States!

She went a step further and made these amazing drawings worth checking out!

You can find more of her work on her Deviant Art page.


Lady and the Tramp

Disney Lady and the TrampHuman Lady and the Tramp


Disney AristocatsHuman Aristocats

Lion King

Disney Lion King

Human Lion kingJungle Book

Disney JunglebookHuman Junglebook


Disney TarzanHuman Tarzan


Disney Bolt

Human BoltOliver and Company

Disney Oliver and Company

Human Oliver and Co

The horses

Disney Horses

Human Horses





Let me know which Disney animal you’d like to see humanized in the comment section below! Personally I’m very curious to see Sebastian from ‘The Little Mermaid’, Jago from ‘Alladin’ and all of the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers characters including Fat Cat.