Christmas Gift Ideas #christmas #gifts

It’s almost Christmas and like many other people, I tend to run out of ideas of what gifts to buy for my family members. I have created a pinterest list that will hopefully help you out in deciding what to buy. Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas #christmas #gifts

Drawings made Soft Toys

Ikea organised a contest aimed at children to draw the soft toys for their ‘Soft Toys for Education 2015’ campaign. Children have such great imagination we tend to forget about the moment we grow up, thus the results are absolutely amazing! It brings a smile to my face to see that such a big company like Ikea joined the make drawings into plush toys gang. And of course I fully support their campaign. Here are the winners:

ikea tiger toy
You-Chen Wu – 6 years – Taiwan


ikea lizzard toy
Terrence/Wan – 6 years – Malaysia


ikea skunk toy
Dora – 6 years – United Kingdom


ikea unicorn toy
Rosita – 4 years – Canary Island


ikea monster toy
Karla – 10 years – Croatia


ikea monkey toy
Maja – 8 years &r John – 5 years – Norway


ikea dino toy
Thymeo – 4 years – Belgium


ikea flamingo toy
Stella – 6 years – Cyprus


ikea bat toy
Albert – 7 years – Romania


ikea monster toy
Koen – 10 years – Netherlands

all toys ikea
All toys together


The children receiving their plush toy:

Which soft toy would you buy? Let me know in the comment section bellow. I think I’d get the water drop monster made by Karla. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family and find out which one they’d pick!