Belgium is mocking the Brussels Terrorism Alert with Cat Pictures #brusselslockdown

The Belgian authorities requested to not disclose details about police activity on social media since this might expose or interfere with police operations. Belgian Twitter users have been responding with cat pictures ever since, using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.

It’s not even such a bad thing, the public stays entertained while taking pictures of their furballs while any information regarding the lock down stays hidden. The cats in the pictures refuse to follow any authority or simply let us know they’re safe. Let’s face it, what would the internet be worth without cat pictures?

Belgium actual has a street cat problem, so if you’re from Brussels but don’t have a meow yet to photograph, now might actually be the the best time to adopt your furry little forever friend from one of the many rescues.

Cat Rescues in Brussels / Belgium: Veeweyde  • Help AnimalsDe Blauwe WereldketenLe Fanal Des AnimauxFacebook: Dieren die een nieuwe thuis zoekenFacebook: Kittens/Katten zoeken een goede thuisFacebook: honden en pups en katten zoek een nieuwe thuis

Here’s our 5 favorite picks:

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Trickylady Suffering aka the Beginning of a Career?

So, today I passed by at Trickylady’s stream. I met her the first time in a random stream by Heartstone player Telrad and she was kinda nice to me so I stayed a bit after the stream went offline and had a chat with her.

She modded me on her Stream full of Creeps and Trolls,  she was sure however, that those guys actually support her.

One Week later, I check her Stream again , and I am happy to see that she has like 50+ views out of nowhere. But why is that? The trolls became a huge Army, spamming mean comments, turning up the volume of her music on Moobot, requesting the most racist and annoying songs (what is a dumb idea to leave that to trolls), getting her kicked out of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive match due to too much damage done to her team mates and ruining a perfectly good Quiplash game.

I was like “Maybe I should start to time out people that hurt her…” Guess what you guys, the trolls said to her that “I banned her actual followers” so she removed my mod status, I am not really hurt about that to be honest.

Trickylady's chatThe guys in the Stream, full of cancer, were making her cry, and I am not sorry about it. Why? Because she chooses to go through this. Maybe, she needs it or even deserves it. I don’t know. Maybe, one day, she will get famous and all this suffering paid off. In my opinion she wastes her talents for a way to low cost.

Thanks for giving me the chance to write a blogpost about something I CARE about. Which is YOU, Trickylady!

Greetings, your “Friend” NiewolosLP

P.s. Have fun with those guys that love to see you cry.

10 Worst Troll Songs #twitch #troll

Twitch gets rather often overrun by trolls that absolutely love to request ear raping music in your moobot or nightbot. Ever wondered what the songs are called that they are playing and which ones are by far the worst songs to listen to? Here’s my top 10!

1. Tony Orr – Up the Fucking Ass

2. G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. – Quack Like a Duck

4. Hotdog.jpg

4. John Cena Jump scare – Martin Garrix – Animals

5. Sanic The Heghog

6. Skrollax – Getting Paid

7. Taylor Swift – Blank Space jumps over to sex noises

8. Swiggity Swag, song filled with inappropriate words

9. Ducktales Tune gone wrong

10. Titanic On a Flute

Number 3 is by far the best song! Which one is your favourite? Did I forget one? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Share this post with your friends and go troll some Twitch Streamers!

Halloween for Men

We are all very excited and fully aware Halloween is coming closer, what we might not have figured out yet is what to dress up as. Shops are filled with sexy nurses, sexy witches and I can assure you there’s plenty of make-up tutorials showing up online. But what if you’re a man…

Here’s some gentlemen that solved that problem for you with outfits that just can’t go wrong! Or well…  couldn’t be more wrong. You decide!



You can’t say he didn’t have the balls to pull it off.



Take a second to think… Oh yeah!


blowme guy

I like how the flower pattern makes his eyes come out so nicely.



Tinker Bell(y) has never looked more magnificent!

snail poop

It’s a 2 in 1, A snail at the moment but after a couple of drinks, you can make an exceptional dog poop.



You just can’t go wrong with Batman!


For the Disney fans there’s always Winnie the Pooh even when the make-up tutorial you checked earlier that night wasn’t very helpful.



I don’t think I want to win this game.


The good old period pad, to show the ladies you love them every day of the month!



Anything else you want to get tested on after spending the night with this dude?



For some reason I don’t think it will work, but it’s worth a try!


good in the sack

Show the ladies who you really are because let’s face it after a couple of beverages they might not care about your personality any longer.


This might actually be a great way to show people you are a very entertaining person at parties.

Cecil the lion killer

Let’s go as somebody who’s still fresh in everyone’s memory as the murderer of Cecil the lion and be the star of the party.



There’s always a cheap vegan option available!

Forever alone

Or just be yourself…


So, tell me, who’s the real winner here and what will be your costume of choice this year? Let us know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!