Charity: ZIL Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven

Zwerfkat in Le(u)ven‘ means either ‘Steet cat in Leuven‘ or ‘Street cat Alive‘. They are a small  non-profit organisation that cares for street cats by helping the sick and weak, finding new owners (if necessary) and neutering them.

I would love to support this charity for a lot of reasons. I love animals and Belgium really does have too much street cats. I feel miserable knowing there’s so many roaming the street having to deal with the daily stress of finding food on a daily basis while hoping they won’t get poisoned or driven over.

The simple shelter rules also do not apply to this organisation! Bringing in a sick cat won’t immediately mean euthanasia like most shelters do to lower the costs. The organisation and volunteers do their very best to save every single cat that gets brought in or captured. The recovering and  animals ready for adoption will not be put in small shelter cages, but will be temporarily placed in ‘foster families’.

If there’s any organisation that truly deserves their donations it is this one!