Graphic Design

Like said in my bio, I have quite a few diploma’s that are graphic and web design based, not an actual company however. For bigger or official work, such as company websites, I use Tentoo. It’s a payroll option for freelance designers in Belgium. They do ask for a 10% payment because of the administration obviously. I do try to keep my prices low.

Twitch – OBS layouts! For free? The prices listed bellow are 75% cheaper than of Graphic Designers it’s a ‘base’ price I ask for my work. I would like a donation for what I make not an actual payment, so if you do not have the possibility to pay that price, I’m fine with it, you can negotiate another amount with me. Since it’s so cheap, you’re obviously allowed to surprise me and donate a bigger amount too.

I can do free designs, but please, bare in mind I’m spending my time on it, and I need to pay for the program I’m using. I might simply not be in the mood for it. You’re better of giving me a small donation that’s not worth much than nothing at all.

BUT I also accept steam games as donations. That means you can check if you still have a game I’d like in your steam inventory and send me that instead.

AND here’s the good part I will use the over/underlay I made you for at least one streaming day, that means I promote your channel completely free of costs as an extra.

overlay panel images overlaypanel
Over / Underlay – € 15,00


Panel Images – € 5,00


Combo – € 20,00


offline coverpic talking overlay
Offline Screen – € 5,00


Twitch Cover – € 5,00


Talking Screen – € 10,00


youtube twitter facebook
Youtube Cover – € 5,00


Twitter Cover – € 5,00
Facebook Cover – € 5,00
All inc
ALL INC. – € 35,00


I require you to follow me on Twitter or Facebook (to talk about it) & Twitch (if you like to see me making it). I need your e-mail address to send you the design (facebook & twitter do not accept .png images) and of course all additional information I can use: an example of another streamers layout you like, a free font you want, your logo, the size of your webcam, …

OBS Layouts I made:

Examples coming soon

Want a website / blog?

Here is my personal link to give you a 10 euro reduce or 3GB free space!!

Simple websites don’t take much time to finish and I love to do those! Need one? Go ahead and ask! I offer a cheap price or you offer me a nice donation.

I have knowledge of PHP, Javascript, SQL, … I’m however not yet the best at creating forums, blogs and webshops. Neither as working with WordPress or other CMS websites. I am however working on it and if you need them I will do my very best to create them or offer you another option.