Disney’s Halloween

Ever wondered what your favourite little Disney characters would look like if they weren’t at all the ‘good’ people they get portrayed as in the movies? You’re in luck! Artist Jeffrey Thomas aka Jeftoon01 on Deviant Art made it happen! Have a look at these Twisted pieces! Which one did you like best? Which character … Continue reading Disney’s Halloween

Halloween for Men

We are all very excited and fully aware Halloween is coming closer, what we might not have figured out yet is what to dress up as. Shops are filled with sexy nurses, sexy witches and I can assure you there’s plenty of make-up tutorials showing up online. But what if you’re a man… Here’s some … Continue reading Halloween for Men

Disney Animals as Humans

Ever wondered what the animals in the Disney movies would look like as human beings? So did Alaina, an illustration major from the United States! She went a step further and made these amazing drawings worth checking out! You can find more of her work on her Deviant Art page.   Lady and the Tramp … Continue reading Disney Animals as Humans