Cooking with Weed #weed #cooking

You remember Cut, the creators of the ‘Grandmas smoking weed’ video. That isn’t all they have in store for us, though. They have recently made a series of cooking recipes containing weed called ‘Baked’. Get your stash out because obviously I’m sharing them! Move aside ‘adding fun to cooking’ tutorials, we found the winner here! Let’s face it what’s wrong with adding some more spices to your meal?

The Grandmas smoking weed video

Recipe 1: Green Bean Casserole

Recipe 2: Stuffing

Recipe 3: Cranberry Sauce

Recipe 4: Turkey

Will you be cooking up one of these recipes? Does this seem like a delicious or bad idea to you? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Don’t forget to share this post with your stoner friends! Who knows maybe they got kinda sick of all the space cake and want to raise their game!