Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) Movie Review #hitman

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It has always been a challenge to make a movie based on a video game. You have to capture the essence of the game, the parts that appeal to people and turn that into a story. Well, you could do that… or you can just make it an other action packed movie that comes in a dime a dozen and will leave fans raging. Hitman Agent 47 is one of those movies.

Hitman is a stealth assassin game where you try to take out your target without being  noticed. Even better, they won’t even know you were there at all. Instead we get one public shoot-out after an other, “subdermal titanium armor” and an entire list of things that’ll make you rage.

In this movie it seems like the only things they got right were the outfits and the rubber ducky. Even the trailer illustrates just that.

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#Fallout4 + #Carlsberg + #NukaCola + #PipBoyApp

fallout beerA collaboration between Bethesda Softworks the publisher of the Fallout Series, Amazon, and Carlsberg created ‘Fallout beer’. As we are all super excited with Fallout 4 that came out and big fans of the Danish Carlsberg beer brand, why not combine the two and add a little extra fun to the fun we’re already having? Unfortunately quite some fans were disappointed. Carlsberg did not change their blend at all for this beer, they simply changed the packaging. This beer is only be available in the U.K.

nuka cola quantumThat’s not the only company Bethesda Softwork has teamed up with, together with Jones Soda ‘Nuka Cola Quantum’ got created. Which is sadly also a simple package change for the existing Jones Soda Berry Lemonade. Available at Target.

Even though it saddens me that neither Carlsberg or Jones Soda changed anything about their drinks, I think it is generally a good idea to add some extra promotion to your video game by creating the drinks.

Too late for buying this soda? Rosanna Pansino created her own Fallout 4 Nuka Cola tutorial. This might come in handy to surprise your friends at a party.

After drinking it, don’t forget to save the bottle caps, you never know what might happen!

Pip-boy is now available in phone App edition. The Application is created by Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries. It is completely free of cost and allows you to check your inventory, radio, map, statistics and play your holotape games.  It has a high rating and has been bringing a lot of pleasure to the Fallout fans, but not exactly in the way you’d think.

A lot of evil brothers and sisters download it on their phone in order to troll their siblings, or simply, troll their friends or room mates. They will link it on their own mobile phone to the game of their target. Making them drop their weapons in combat, turning the radio off and on, … You get the idea.

The game didn’t receive the best reviews either. A lot of people are complaining that it turned into a basic open world shooter game, that Bethesda Softworks did an awful job on the RPG part. The game is supposable laggy and still contains quite some bugs and glitches. To left handed people this game isn’t suitable, you are not able to change the keyboard options to your number pad nor a separate keyboard pad and are pushed into using the arrow keys.

The good review include that the game is well balanced for combat, the character appearance is great and it contains an interesting and emotional main storyline. My personal favourite review came from Johnson aka E. Malcom from the US with 4 hours gameplay, who claimed “The game is like sex, except for the part that I actually have this game.”.

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Inside Out (2015) Movie Review #insideout #disney

inside out

This movie is about a young girl called Riley and her emotions during a move to a new city, a new house, a new school and a new hockey team. Something goes badly wrong in her head and her emotions: Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust and Fear need to try and solve it.

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

Overrated, I tell you. At some point it is interesting and funny, but mostly its just boring. Joy is the most annoying personality in this movie, she’s rude, constantly bullies Sadness and having Sadness that just doesn’t listen makes it even worse. Making both of them the main plot and ingoring the other characters ruined it for me.

Halfway the movie you can already guess the ending. As a kids movie it’s okay, but once you’re older than 10, you really shouldn’t be watching this any more. The movie is depressing. There is no character you will be able to relate with. Even the end is depressing with Riley running away and than crying to her parents who didn’t even start looking for her, after they heard she did not go to school.

In case you want a sad 3D animated story that does give you a good feeling at the end I highly advice to rent or buy Disney’s Up 2009 (BUY ON BOL.COM / BUY ON AMAZON / IMDB) instead.

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Fantastic Four (2015) Movie review


This movie is about how the Fantastic Four came to exist. Reed, a total but very intelligent nerd (played by Miles Teller) made a teleportation device together with his childhood friend Ben. He gets recognised for his project by ‘a government employee?’ and instructed to finish it so it would be available for transportation of humans to another dimension.

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

Sounds like a good plot? Think again! There is no view on the bad guy he just randomly appears to turn bad for no apparent reason and goes on a killing spree which everyone seems to ignore, let’s just pass through the hallway like nothing happened. If you recognise the names ‘Reed’, ‘Sue’, ‘Johnny’, ‘Ben’, ‘Victor’ and ‘Dr. Storm’ at the end of the movie you get my slow clap, cause I had absolutely no clue how any of the characters are called.

The special effects do look nice. The ‘boss fight’ took 5 min and wasn’t remotely spectacular. This movie doesn’t work on your emotion at all it’s just boring and doesn’t get you excited. The only thing that will slightly sadden you is the fact that ‘the thing’ aka Ben will not be having a sexual relationship in his entire life. The young versios of Ben and Reed did get played by decent actors that actually look like their grown up versions. How are Sue and Johnny brother and sister? Nobody knows!

The relationship between Victor aka Doom and Sue does not get talked about. Why does he trust her? Why does nobody trust Victor? Victor doesn’t seem to care about that either, because he tried to kill her some time later anyway. The fact that Doom seems stronger in the other world did get mentioned, however they found him back in a bad state.

Reed runs away after being turned, instead of helping his friend Ben turn back into normal state from the only place he can actually get resources for it. When they come to get him back, he doesn’t even want to go back and he seemed to be working on something that apparently wasn’t important at any point in the movie. When his friend Ben however turns up to get him back he’ll gladly return and leave what he was working on behind as if it had no importance. They make it seem as if he was scared, but for an entire year they do not try to contact him.

I have the feeling they wanted to create this movie Kill Bill style but simply ended up mashing too much scenes and different plots together. This movie can in no way be fixed by adding more movies. Simon Kinberg might have something to do with this, but let’s be realistic the X-men movies they had decent sequels and were only focussed on one plot at a time. This movie is just confusing. You are better off watching The 2005 movie ‘The fantastic Four’ (IMDBBUY ON AMAZONBUY ON BOL.COM), that one at least has Jessica Alba in it. I’m only giving this movie a 3 out of 10 stars, I do not advice anyone to watch it.

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