Why doesn’t Hilter have his own holiday? The truth about Thanksgiving…

On the 4th Thursday of November this holiday takes place on every American and Canadians calendar. It is typically celebrated as a cozy family feast with a turkey on the menu. What am I talking about? Thanksgiving, of course! But… should it really be celebrated? That IS the question, because it’s certainly not such a pleasurable holiday for Indian native Americans neither as Turkeys.

Cut made a video of what goes on in the minds of Native Americans when they hear the words ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Christopher Columbus’, ‘Redskin’, ‘Reservation’ and ‘Language’.

More videos by Cut can be checked out on their youtube channel.

As for the turkeys, Peta has obviously launched their ad (again) to show the world what a turkey really is and has to go through in order to get on your plate.

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