A mashup of the FIFTY biggest U.S. hits of 2015

I’m not someone that listens to the radio often, so I barely have any idea of what music has come out. Going through all the songs of the last year, to check if there’s any good ones, is so much trouble and can be devastating for your ears in some cases. Luckily at the end of the year DJ Earworm makes a nice mashup of the most popular songs of the year and I’m loving it.

DJ Earworm started this in 2008 and his United States of POP has gotten over 100.000.000 views since then. Enjoy this lovely song and be sure to check out his other work.

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What if the Star Wars prequels were good? #starwars

With ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ coming out, the Star Wars hype has gone through the roof once again! The characters we all came to love, care for, that took us down an adventure filled with surprises, amazing visuals and offered us an amazing story return.

All of that… and the prequels. The prequels lost the touch of what Star Wars fans loved about the series and it’s easy to hate on them, but what could’ve been done to make it right? To make it grab your attention and keep it clustered to the screen with excitement and depth instead of amazing lines like “I don’t like sand”?

Michael from Belated Media knows what needed to be done. So far he’s done Episode I and Episode II and we just can’t wait to see his view on episode III.

Have a look and see for yourself.

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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) Movie Review #hitman

hitman image

It has always been a challenge to make a movie based on a video game. You have to capture the essence of the game, the parts that appeal to people and turn that into a story. Well, you could do that… or you can just make it an other action packed movie that comes in a dime a dozen and will leave fans raging. Hitman Agent 47 is one of those movies.

Hitman is a stealth assassin game where you try to take out your target without being  noticed. Even better, they won’t even know you were there at all. Instead we get one public shoot-out after an other, “subdermal titanium armor” and an entire list of things that’ll make you rage.

In this movie it seems like the only things they got right were the outfits and the rubber ducky. Even the trailer illustrates just that.

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Why doesn’t Hilter have his own holiday? The truth about Thanksgiving…

On the 4th Thursday of November this holiday takes place on every American and Canadians calendar. It is typically celebrated as a cozy family feast with a turkey on the menu. What am I talking about? Thanksgiving, of course! But… should it really be celebrated? That IS the question, because it’s certainly not such a pleasurable holiday for Indian native Americans neither as Turkeys.

Cut made a video of what goes on in the minds of Native Americans when they hear the words ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Christopher Columbus’, ‘Redskin’, ‘Reservation’ and ‘Language’.

More videos by Cut can be checked out on their youtube channel.

As for the turkeys, Peta has obviously launched their ad (again) to show the world what a turkey really is and has to go through in order to get on your plate.

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Cooking with Weed #weed #cooking

You remember Cut, the creators of the ‘Grandmas smoking weed’ video. That isn’t all they have in store for us, though. They have recently made a series of cooking recipes containing weed called ‘Baked’. Get your stash out because obviously I’m sharing them! Move aside ‘adding fun to cooking’ tutorials, we found the winner here! Let’s face it what’s wrong with adding some more spices to your meal?

The Grandmas smoking weed video

Recipe 1: Green Bean Casserole

Recipe 2: Stuffing

Recipe 3: Cranberry Sauce

Recipe 4: Turkey

Will you be cooking up one of these recipes? Does this seem like a delicious or bad idea to you? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Don’t forget to share this post with your stoner friends! Who knows maybe they got kinda sick of all the space cake and want to raise their game!

10 Worst Troll Songs #twitch #troll

Twitch gets rather often overrun by trolls that absolutely love to request ear raping music in your moobot or nightbot. Ever wondered what the songs are called that they are playing and which ones are by far the worst songs to listen to? Here’s my top 10!

1. Tony Orr – Up the Fucking Ass

2. G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. – Quack Like a Duck

4. Hotdog.jpg

4. John Cena Jump scare – Martin Garrix – Animals

5. Sanic The Heghog

6. Skrollax – Getting Paid

7. Taylor Swift – Blank Space jumps over to sex noises

8. Swiggity Swag, song filled with inappropriate words

9. Ducktales Tune gone wrong

10. Titanic On a Flute

Number 3 is by far the best song! Which one is your favourite? Did I forget one? Let me know in the comment section bellow! Share this post with your friends and go troll some Twitch Streamers!

Strokémon – to watch or not to watch? #strokemon #porn #funny


Our two favourite subjects are now combined, all thanks to Wood Rocket, Pokémon and porn! I’m still deciding whether or not that’s actually a good thing.

After seeing Pikachu, or should I say ‘Dickachu(played by Rizzo Ford) in this SFW movie trailer, my private parts kinda clenched in the ‘no no’-way, but let’s not give up yet because this movie obviously has more characters to offer. Fisty (Misty – played by Kassondra Raine), Gash (Ash – played by Tyler Nixon), Cock (Brock – played by Joe), Team Cockit’s Jizzy & Jams (Jessy – played by Vuko & James – played by Xander Grimm), their beloved Muffth (Meowth – Played by Leya Falcon) and Nurse Joitus (Nurse Joy – played by Sophia Locke) are hopefully more entertaining… And uh, less creepy.

To watch or not to watch? Either way you can watch this porno for free on Woodrocket.com!

Dickachu Fisty Gash

team rocket

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Real Life First Person Shooter

Realm Pictures made a live action version of a first person shooter using a GoPro, scenery, actors, props and the free interactive website that connects you to other users with webcam, microphone and chat called Chatroulette.com. This is a brilliant idea and fun to watch, I assure you the results are amazing!

YOU can now join in for level 3 for 1.50 $ watch this video! more info at rlfps.com.

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15 Most Annoying Songs

Everybody loves music, but sometimes there’s just songs that trigger this sense of hate or annoyance in you that you can’t ignore. Here’s my list of the most annoying songs.

15. Demi Lovato – Let It Go (from “Frozen”)

Yes, we get it. Let it go for real now! Stop it, it got annoying.

14. O-Zone – Dragostea din Tei

Numa Numa Numa Yay. I’m still wondering how this managed to become a hit in the first place.

13. Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

No hate here. I still love Cotton Eye Joe. Just don’t put it on another 20 times in a row…

12. Double Take – Hot Problems

I understand you love your children, but telling them it’s okay to have such an ego and allowing a public video just because you had too much money goes a little far in my opinion.

11. The Black Eyed Peas – My Humps

Fergie might actually be a beautiful woman but wasn’t there an option to buy somewhat more useful lyrics?

10. Paris Hilton – Stars are blind

Oh, Paris, we love your bubbly attitude or well… hate it. We judge you on having big feet and being a rich b*tch. But let’s face it, your singing career went nowhere. Some things money just can’t buy.

9. Avril Lavigne – Hello kitty

“Dressed up like you’re somethin’ else, Where you are ain’t where it’s at, You see you’re making me laugh out, When you strike your pose, Take off all your preppy clothes, You know you’re not fooling anyone, When you’ve become… Somebody else ’round everyone else, You’re watchin’ your back like you can’t relax, You’re tryin’ to be cool, You look like a fool to me…” You said it not me!

8. Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe

How is this even a song?!

7. Justin Bieber – Baby

Justin Bieber still has his fangirls, yet has eventually managed to let the hater team win. Frankly he might not be the smartest or the nicest person but in reality he’s still young and was very inexperienced to become such a huge sensation. You must admit his songs ARE catchy.

6. Aqua – Barbie Girl

We all loved this song as a kid, but let’s face it, it got old. And annoying. And lame.

5. Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

Shakira once mentioned her singing instructor told her she sounded like a goat. I’m just guessing this was the song she was singing at that point.

4. Farrah Abraham – On My Own

Like Shananay aka Shane Dawson said in his interview with her “Farrah, I had no idea you were deaf.” Even though this video got deleted, it’s still out there for everyone to laugh over.

3. Rebecca Black – Friday

This will forever remain somewhere in the back of my head until someone tells me “It’s friday.” and it pops up again. I will never forgive you for that Rebecca, not even if you manage to make 20 more actual decent songs.

2. Eiffel 65 – Blue

Why is he blue? No idea. This song is so overused it just got annoying. There’s plenty of parodies and misheard lyrics available online too.

1. Rick Astley – Never gonna Give You Up

I’m completely aware why this song got used as a ‘Rickroll’ let’s be honest, it’s annoying, he’s bad looking, his dance moves are basic, nothing is good or special about the video. I hate you Rick Astley!

3 honourable mentions that didn’t get picked, that are pretty annoying but that I’m honestly still okay with are: ‘What Does the Fox’ say by Ylvis, ‘I’m a Scatman’ by Scatman John and ‘Crazy frog’ by Axel F.

Do you agree with my list? Is there anything you’d like to add or remove? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and find out what they think!


This guy can sell you anything!

Move over, Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordon – The Wolf of Wall street), we are no longer interested in your pen.

Meet comedian, actor and writer Cole Escola. His orange juice commercial makes you actually want to buy this ‘Happy Orange’ product but, nope, Chuck Testa, it’s not an actual product! He made quite a few sketches you should check out, but this one is by far is the most brilliant sketch of his you’ll see.

Even though mom has a lot of arm hair and her voice sounds a bit deep, Cole gave a realistic performance which will end up making you smile.

What did you think of this video? Did he portray a good mom? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this post and let your friends know all about this funny comedian!